lisa g (anithradia) wrote,
lisa g

A Brief Treatise on the Zombie Mentality

Zombies – we all know what they are. They move in mindless hordes, intent only on feeding. They do not stop until they achieve their goal or are dead (again). They are not afraid of bullets or grenades. They are not even afraid of Shenanigans. Their minds are more one-track than a teenage boy’s. If they do not get brains, their undead lives have not been fulfilled.

In Humans vs. Zombies, the “zombies” must seek to recreate this single-mindedness. When you became a zombie, no longer are you part of a shrinking number of survivors that must escape at all costs. You are no longer the hunted, you are the hunter. No longer must you worry about whether your body can stand the exertion of constantly running away, whether you can make it home safely. Safety, pain, these are no longer concerns. The only thing you must think of is the kill.

Being a zombie comes with an insatiable lust for brains, a lust that must be fulfilled. Put aside rigor mortis and joint stiffness – you must run after your next meal because your undead life depends upon it. You cannot shy away once you come within shooting range of a human – you cannot comprehend what a bullet or grenade is. When you get shot, it does not quite register at first – you continue running, even though you can no longer grapple and turn humans. Though you are in the process of dying, let the humans first unload their clips at you before you succumb to death. You must run and chase until there are no more survivors left.
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