lisa g (anithradia) wrote,
lisa g

guadalajara, mexico -- day .5

I'm writing this from outside my dorm at Casa Internacional. My roommate seems pretty cool, and the two girls in the room next to us are neat. We went to a torta place (sandwiches) for dinner. 39 pesos for a sandwich and a beer, can you believe it? awesomeness. i accidentally left a 10 peso piece for a tip. oh well.

the area around here is really beautiful -- it's very green and hilly. some of the fields look red, which is kind of strange. the town is pretty ramshackle, but i like it. it kind of reminds me of the older parts of san francisco. at the same time, though, it seems very quintessentially mexico. i love it.

on a nerdy note: the architecture at casa internacional is awesome!!!! there is an open air courtyard. and by open air i mean my hallway is facing open air. so much awesomeness. i will take lots of pictures.

we have an orientation tomorrow, which will hopefully not be too lame. i'm already having lots of fun, though not speaking too much spanish (i spoke more spanish on the plane and in the airport than i have actually in the city!). it was pretty awesome to be able to order a corona with dinner, though, even if half of it was foam.
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