lisa g (anithradia) wrote,
lisa g

stress! nervousness! stress!

so i'm leaving for mexico tomorrow. and my mouse isn't working. grr. sylvia chewed through my second mouse on wednesday and then chewed through a new one yesterday. so now i'm trying a wireless mouse and having a hell of a time. I think i'm just going to take a non-laptop mouse with me down to mexico so i know i have something that works.


darn you, sylvia, and your chewy orange rat teeth.

so yeah, i've spent about $100 on mice thanks to sylvia. you'd think she was a mouse and wanted company!

so mexico. terrified. absolutely scared and nervous. i haven't actually flown on a plane by myself before. at least i have flown abroad. but still. eeky squeaky!

managed to get my portfolio together though. quite the crunch, getting everything finished in time.
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