lisa g (anithradia) wrote,
lisa g

so ... busy vacation

Was on vacation for these past few weeks -- we went out to Colorado to visit my sister, who lives in Aspen, and to check out real estate in Fort Collins, where my parents are thinking of retiring, and then over to Missouri for my cousin Jill's wedding.

My cousin got married, which was the first wedding I've ever truly been to (my cousin Shelley's wedding when I was 6 mos doesn't count). It was pretty splendid, except now I want to get married even more than I did. We were totally taking notes on what we do and don't want for my wedding (wedding gown with straps. bridesmaid dresses with straps. no pink. no mention of god. probably walking down the aisle to postrock. we'll see.). For all that I tend to be a bit of a tomboy and decidedly not a girly girl, I've always fantasized about getting married. Hell, even my sister Julie, the most boyish girl I know without being butch, wants to get married, though I think she's gotten tired of dealing with boys and their nonsense.

Mm, but I want a pretty dress, and flowers, and presents!!! But mostly the pretty dress. I mean, when else do you get to be a princess for a day? (And have your parents pay for it.)
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