lisa g (anithradia) wrote,
lisa g

media law tutorial needs to be done!

i swear if i see any more words relating to confidentiality or privilege i'm going to explode. which is a problem because i'm not done with my essay on the subject yet. boo hiss. I am, however, four-ish inches onto the fourth page, which is promising. I want to curl up like my ratty girl and take a wee nap before the Russenorsk concert.

oh, to be a rat and have no worries but how to steal as much paper and food from my caretaker as possible.

so yeah, head back to Findlay on Thursday. Will be in town for approximately two weeks before heading out to the plainsy area to visit Julie & go to my cousin's wedding. then come back and pack myself off to Mexico for five weeks, getting back around the 18th of August. And then school starts again in September. & in the time that I'm not gone, I plan to be purchasing and losing my soul to Oblivion.

I seem to have done a grand job of filling up my summer, eh? first time in years that i won't be sitting around bored the whole time.

my shoulder/neck got all stuck and sore on Sunday, but after getting a massage yesterday I can actually move. Pretty excellent. Still hurts a bit, but I guess that was to be expected. I don't have to walk around with my head cocked to the left all the time, and for that I am grateful.


sleep time.
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