lisa g (anithradia) wrote,
lisa g


I sleep a lot. I generally go to bed around 3 and get up around 10. I nap in the afternoon when I don't have class, and after class I always take a nap until five. I tend to fall asleep while I'm working on homework in the evening.

Whenever I wake up, my muscles feel tired, like they're made out of lead. Moving seems to take more energy than it should. I almost inevitably wind up with a headache.

Even showers don't wake me up like they used to. Today I woke up at 1:50 (sleeping through half of my class), then took a shower. One of the longest showers of my life, because I couldn't bring myself to do anything. Afterwards? Came back and slept for an hour and a half.

So I ended up drinking chai tea for breakfast. Yummies.
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