lisa g (anithradia) wrote,
lisa g

fatigue, depression, & stress

running into the same old problem i've had since mid winter quarter of sleeping all the time. made the mistake of mentioning it in my htc portfolio and now debatin is always asking me about it and wants to help. i don't know, it doesn't feel like sleeping all the time should truly be a "problem," you know? because sleep is supposed to be good and all, la dee da dee da. whatever. the problem is that now when i'm awake i don't know what to do with myself.

Frank Warren, creator of PostSecret, gave a talk this evening in MemAud. it was cool. i love PostSecret so much. it makes my emo graphically-inclined magazine creator heart go wild.

i seem to lack in mad typing skills lately.

i hate being tired all the time.

three more weeks and the quarter's over.
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