lisa g (anithradia) wrote,
lisa g

Prototype Proposal

I've got to work up a prototype magazine proposal for Wednesday, and this is one section of it. Any commentary would be incredibly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows of a magazine that would be comparable, please let me know.

ANGEL-HEADED is geared toward the hipster or emo girl in the Midwest in order to fill the gap in culture presented by living in the Midwest. It is not yet another teen magazine, but instead geared to the 18-24-year-old with a modicum or more of independence. ANGEL-HEADED does not and will not propose to tell girls how to live, what to wear, or how to act, but, rather, give them the resources and the intellectual fodder needed so they can be themselves. ANGEL-HEADED strives to cover a variety of topics interesting and pertinent to that more unusual kind of girl. Content includes everything from innovative poetry and photography to tips on how to alter clothes and decorate rooms on a budget.
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